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Appeals Regarding Disqualification of Judges or Counsel

An order of a judge refusing to disqualify himself/herself is ordinarily an interlocutory decision is not directly appealable in the absence of a statute providing for appealability of an interlocutory decision of the kind involved.[i]

Generally, an order either disqualifying or refusing to disqualify a law firm is not appealable.[ii]  However, an order is final and appealable when it disqualifies a law firm which has represented a defendant during the trial from continuing its representation during an appeal, due to a conflict created when an attorney who represented the plaintiff joins the firm.[iii]  Orders denying motions to disqualify opposing counsel merely administer the course of litigation, and are thus are interlocutory and nonappealable.[iv]  If the granting of a motion to disqualify counsel has immediate and irreparable consequences for both the disqualified attorney and the individual who hired the attorney, it may be appealable.[v]

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