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Appeals Regarding Discovery and Pretrial Examinations of Parties

A discovery order, or an order granting or denying discovery order can be reviewed on appeal from the final judgment in the case.[i]  Generally, such an order is interlocutory and not subject to immediate review.[ii]  Discovery orders are appealable where the particular circumstances surrounding a discovery order fulfill the requirements of one or more of the various exceptions or qualifications to the final judgment rule, such as:

  • The discovery sought is an end within itself,
  • It is not merely an incident to either a pending or a contemplated suit,
  • It cannot be reviewed otherwise than by an appeal from the order itself.[iii]

However, a declaratory judgment addressing discovery issues is a final decree and therefore appealable.[iv]  An order for the production of documents over which a privilege is asserted finally resolves a collateral discovery issue, and thus is appealable.[v]  A discovery order is appealable under a statute allowing an appeal from an interlocutory order where:

  • the order affects a substantial right and is made in special proceedings,
  • any resulting harm to the prompt and orderly disposition of the litigation is relatively slight, and
  • an appeal after final judgment will be impractical because the harm caused by the order may not be corrected on appeal.[vi]

Moreover, where the merits of a protracted controversy would be facilitated by allowing an immediate appeal, an appeal of a discovery order may be allowed.[vii]  A discovery order issued in aid of an action pending in another state is appealable, if such appeal provides the only means for review of the correctness of the order.[viii]  For purposes of appeal, a discovery order directed at a nonparty witness, which is entered by a court in a district other than where the case had been filed and is currently pending, is final.[ix]

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